Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Project 365

I started my own Project 365. Creating Keepsakes ran an article by Becky Higgins featuring an idea called Project 365. Document an entire year one day at a time by taking pictures and writing a short journal entry each day. Sounds crazy, but it really appealed to me. So often we (or maybe it is only me ) document the big events in our lives through pictures, videos, scrapbook pages etc. but fail to document the ordinary, every day things in our lives. Well, CK even offered a product in their 'Kit of the Month" which sold out in hours and I believe caused their site to crash because so many were trying to access it. Anyway...I did not get the kit, but I did start my own project. So far so good- I've got three full scrapbook pages. Here is a little sample of the one of the first pictures I took on Friday Jan. 2nd and my journal entry reads: "Each morning one of the first things I do is make my Starbucks coffee. In the kitchen, next to the sink, I see the temp, my pretty bamboo plant, and a fun penguin that starts my day with a smile." That's it! Take a picture each day and write a little something. Stay tuned for pictures of the 365 scrapbook pages. Here is the link to CK KOTM: http://community.creatingkeepsakes.com/store/category/kit_of_the_month

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